Our Classes

We have classes to suit every pooch, from lively young puppies to older dogs. Where you may benefit from a more one on one approach to training, we can tailor the session for you. Click below for more information.

Puppy Lifeskills

Our puppy lifeskills classes are perfect for dogs completely new to training.

Junior Lifeskills

Our junior class is a perfect follow on to the puppy lifeskills classes or for dogs who have some previous training experience. 

Class Timetable

Take a look at our Class Timetable if you are looking for help with your older dog, we have Loose Lead Walking , Scent work and Best Of Both which will get you back on track with Recall, along with regaining your dog's focus.

Puppy Pre-school

Our puppy support and advice package consists of two 1-hour sessions to ensure you have all the skills needed to build a great relationship with your puppy.