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Puppy Pre-school

Without fail almost every new puppy owner has reached a point when they despairingly wonder, “what on earth have I done". If it’s where you are at right now, please don’t worry we can help.

Our Puppy Pre-school consists of 2 one hour sessions with a trainer local to you to ensure you have the skills you need to build a great relationship with your puppy.


The first lesson is remote via Zoom, followed by a face-to-face session in your garden or your local park.


The cost is £95.

We will help you to understand and resolve any concerns or issues that your puppy throws at you!


We will work with you to build your confidence and make sure you know exactly how to handle any challenging puppy behaviours and hopefully leave you with a happy well behaved young dog.

Puppy Biting

House Training

Unwanted Behaviours


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